After serving good food & wine at Circular Road, home for 23 years, Mag’s Wine Kitchen moved to the bustling Keong Saik Road in early 2019. 
At our new premises, the open kitchen remains central to the dining experience.   That’s the first thing that diners see when they enter the restaurant, titillating their appetites with delicious aromas wafting out from it. (Mag’s was one of the first to introduce the open kitchen concept in 1996 at its Circular Road premises.) 
The main interior highlight is the 7m-long marble Chef’s Table which seats 9 diners. Diners sitting here can banter with the chefs and enjoy privileges such as getting a taste of the food and sauces being prepared.  
The main dining room is a cozy, comfortable setting surrounding the wine cellar. In addition to the Bordeaux & Burgundy wine collection and the well-priced everyday wines, Mag’s now stocks sake as well and hence has introduced Japanese-influenced dishes to accompany it.  
The Japanese-style dishes complement the restaurant’s long-time favourites and new bistro-style sharing platters, which are a lot less formal, and give diners the opportunity to interact while enjoying the food. 
That’s not to say we put any less focus on haute cuisine; Mag’s is more than happy to showcase its flair in fine dining, with signatures such as Roast Pigeon with Red Wine Glazed Shallot, Lobster Consommé, Kurobuta Pork Cheek Ballotine, among others.  
New address and menu aside, Mag’s remains constant about one thing: “Our motto is to use the freshest ingredients available in the market and never shortchange our customers on quality. There are no shortcuts to our cooking.”